Muscle Shoals, Alabama

Animal Control

Residents of Centreville are required to maintain control of their pets by keeping their animals on a leash when they are in the public domain. Domesticated animals are required to wear a current and visible innoculation tag and may not roam freely within the City.

Animals that are determined to be aggressive or vicious may be required to remain within a fenced enclosure when they are not under the leashed control of the pet owner.

Animals not wearing an innoculation tag may be taken into the custody of the County Animal Control Officer. Unclaimed animals may be euthanized after a period of time.

The Animal Control Ordinance places the burden of protecting the public from aggressive animals on the animal owner. A failure to abide by the ordinance may result in the issuance of a citation to the animal owner, requiring the pet owner to appear in municipal court.

For a complete copy of the Animal Control Ordinance click on the link below.

Animal Control Ordinance